which of the following is a batch-level activity?

Employee involvement is crucial for acceptance of the measures produced by the system. Employees need to believe the results of the accounting system before they will truly rely on the results. Describe how total variable costs and unit variable costs behave with changes in the level of activity. Essentials for mastering the case-building process and delivering results that win approval, funding, and top-level support. Managers can evaluate the performance of individuals, groups, projects, initiatives, and programs, with more certainty and accuracy when they know their true costs through ABC. These will include operational and conditional setups.

What are the 4 levels of activity?

Four Levels of Activity

With activity-based costing, sometimes referred to as ABC, companies account for expenses by categorizing the source of the cost into one of four general groups: unit-based, batch-based, product-based, and facility-based costs.

The products sell as fast as they can be produced so there is virtually no inventory. For a recent period CAPlayer sold 90,000 units and GLASSESong sold 110,000 units.

Batch Level Costs

The Design department expects to incur direct labor costs of $500,000, and the Wetlands Maintenance department expects to work 30,000 direct labor hours . During the year, 900 purchase requisitions were processed, 1,300 production setups were performed, and 400 products were inspected. The cost hierarchy serves as a framework for managers to establish cost pools and determine what drives the change in costs for each cost pool.

Examples include warranty repairs, warranty replacements, and product liability resulting from unsafe defective products. Activities required to produce individual units of product, such as direct materials and direct labor. This creates an incentive for the company’s service departments to provide services at a reasonable cost. Are those activities that must be performed, but can relate to one or more units of output. In some cases, shipping can be seen as an excellent example of a batch process.

Step 9: Reducing greenhouse effect

Current trends in manufacturing include less direct labor and more overhead. Facility level costs are the costs which are related to company’s activities of maintaining its general operations. Examples are the costs to provide on electricity, cleaning, etc,. Inspecting. Inspecting is not a unit-level activity; it is a batch-level activity. Which of the four activities is a batch-level activity? A) Machining activity b) General…

Activity-based costing is a system that tallies the costs of overhead activities and assigns those costs to products. Kohler introduced the concept of accounting for the costs of these processes by accurately assessing the activities involved in carrying them out. which of the following is a batch-level activity? Certain activities, such as maintenance or quality control, can oftentimes be accounted for in multiple levels of activity-based costing. An activity cost pool is a “bucket” in which costs are accumulated that relate to a single activity in the ABC system.

Purposes and Benefits of ABC:

Fill in the following table to identify if the cost item can be included in the cost of products for external reporting purposes and/or internal reporting purposes. The first item is completed for you. For example, a public company in the USA must incur substantial costs to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley legislation. The preceding “levels” provide a frame of reference that is helpful in considering the important activities unique to an organization. Are those activities that have a one-to-one correspondence with a unit of output. For example, a telescope manufacturer may have to perform some final calibration activity to each finished product.

which of the following is a batch-level activity?

ABC is particularly useful when product lines differ greatly in volume and manufacturing complexity. ABC eliminates all arbitrary cost allocations.


Unit-level activities happen each time a product is made. This is unlike batch-level activities that happen every time a batch of products are produced. Unit-level activities are those that support making each individual unit, while batch-level include a group of units. Compare your results in requirement b to the results using direct labor hours as the allocation base and activity-based costing. Calculate the amount of personnel department costs allocated to production departments using each allocation base. Using the estimates for the year, compute the predetermined overhead rate for each activity (this is step 4 of the activity-based costing process). Are the costs incurred as a result of detecting defective products before they are delivered to customers.

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  • Managers can evaluate the performance of individuals, groups, projects, initiatives, and programs, with more certainty and accuracy when they know their true costs through ABC.
  • Low-volume products often require more special handling than high-volume products.
  • ABC system assumes that activities cause costs and also that products create demands for activities.
  • The $600,000 costs of department S3 are allocated based on hours of computer support used by each production department.

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