Windows 11 Not Working After Update? 12 Fixes

About Author–Jitesh, Microsoft MVP, has over five years of working experience in the IT Industry. He writes and shares his experiences related to Microsoft device management technologies and IT Infrastructure management. His primary focus area is Windows 10 Deployment solution with Configuration Manager, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit , and Microsoft Intune. The next step is to locate and rename or delete the RemoteInstall folder. In Server Manager, verify that WDS is uninstalled.

  • But, do you know how to view Windows 10 crash logs and error logs?
  • While there are plenty of ways to check that, we’ll show you the easiest one.
  • Make sure you have enough free space in your C drive to install the latest Windows 11 updates.

You can get a list of the .NET Framework versions installed on your computer in several ways. If you use PowerShell, you have multiple methods to determine the versions of .NET Framework installed on Windows 10, including crafting a command or installing a command-line tool fix TweakBit dll. The easiest way to check the version for an installed program on your computer is from Control Panel, Programs and Features. As the .NET Framework is not directly getting installed as a program, You won’t be able to determine the version compare to other apps. Here we have several approaches to check the .NET Framework version installed on your Windows devices. Once you complete the steps, the file details will reveal the framework platform’s version installed on the device. Here is a small PowerShell script that queries a list of computers from a text file and remotely checks for installed versions of the .Net Framework.

The Delta is just what’s new since the last update, whereas the Cumulative update is bigger and combines several previous updates. This did not fix all the errors for me, but try it and return to it after completing each of the other tasks. There is more information on Windows troubleshooters here. Windows system files may have been deleted or corrupted, so it is recommended that you check they are all present and correct. Right click the Start button and select Command Prompt .

A Look At Uncomplicated Plans For Missing Dll Files

Visit the Windows 10 update history website and note down the latest KB ID for your Windows 10 version. So the best way to deal with that is to use a dedicated third-party malware remover such as Malwarebytes. Try running a quick scan, and follow that with a system-wide check for computer viruses.

  • But the updates includes a hodgepodge of patches, bug fixes, new features, and UI changes.
  • Right-click on command prompt and select run as administrator.
  • In other cases, you may need to disable connections, change DNS servers, or flush the DNS cache.

Type the command dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth and press Enter key. It could be possible that some Windows system file has corrupted and due to which Windows update is unable to run properly. So in this case you can try to repair the system files in order to resolve the Windows Update issue. This patented repair process uses a database of 25 million components that can replace any damaged or missing file on user’s computer.

That way, you can at least make sure your machine doesn’t restart during your workday or at an inconvenient time. A clean install involves completely erasing the hard drive that Windows is installed on and then installing Windows again from scratch on that same hard drive.

Step-By-Step Major Details Of Dll

If you don’t see the files you wish to restore, you can recover files deleted within the last 30 days at Choose the features and content that you want to keep up to date across your devices. If it doesn’t install automatically, go to File Explorer and open iCloud Setup.

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